Friday, November 17, 2006

End of semester.....

My semester of MEI is almost over. That was good time for me to learn English. I learned a lot of things about how I can speak English well. I learned much grammar of English which I always fell hard to do it in Korea. Especially, lesson of modal part was really good work for me. I think that I got a sense of modal. (HAHA),
Assumption, Ability, Necessity, Advice, Future possibility….
Whole of these modal was really hard for me when I was in Korea. But I already understand how modal is work in English sentence. Maybe, learned modal is the highest points of this semester. I think that absence the classes by cold is low point in this semester. I’ll do spring semester in MEI. I hope that my health condition is better than this semester.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Special~ Guest Speaker in our class

Yesterday, we met Michelle home schools her children. That was good time to discuss about home schooling because we had just learned about home schooling from our textbook. I was most surprised that Michelle’s English. What a great English speaker she is! And then I was surprised that she had been Nina’s student at MEI. Anyway I got really good information about home schooling, but unfortunately I don’t like children, so I think there is no chance to home schools my children. (In future, I want no child in my family….) I think there is many benefit in home schooling. And I think the children will love this home schooling because there is more freedom than regular classes. I got a good impression which there is no homework in home school. Is there any MEI home schooling which has no home work? I really want………. =)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let's discuss about the novel.."Five people you meet in heaven"

Ok~ let's talk about novel which name is "Five People You Meet in Heaven". Well...I think that this story is really good to learn English. Because i think the story is interesting and then level of English is not really hard to me, but not so easy. I'm really enjoying the novel. When I met this book first time, I guessed about the title: "Five People....." Five people? Who is five people? And now I can guess more about five people. Ok first one is a "Blueman" who Eddie met in his childhood. I think this story is really similar with the story which is wrote by Charles Dickens name s "A christmas carol". Of course this story is more peaceful than Scrooge story. Anyway I think this story is really interesting on me. This is the second time which have read English novel. The first one was "The Jurassic Park" which is made by movies. I had already know about the story but I saw the movie first before I got to read the book.But it was really hard work to me.
Anyway the five people novel is doing good work for me who was learning English now. And then handout helps me to understand and make guess the story. If there is no paper like homework, I would give up reading this novel. If I have a handout when I read "The Jurassic Park". I could finish reading the novel easily.

Monday, October 23, 2006

003 field trip with 004~

Oct 20
we had a field trip with 004 class.
We had to get Colleage Park station in 8:30 AM.
It was really hard to get there to me. When I was wake up, It's 7:30AM. But my roommate, who drive to Colleage for me, was wake up at 8:10AM....
So, I was late, and I'm really sorry to people who waited for me.
Anyway, We went to National Building Museum. There was a really great place.
Many books, many media things, culture and a lot of pictures....
I heard that there have 30 million book which is written by English, Franch, Japanese, Chinese, Musurim, Korean and another language.
And I saw the book which is the first one made by metal printing.
I saw it from history textbook when I was in middle school.
But that is a real one!!!not in a textbook!!!

And then we went to the some museum.(I can't remember the building's name.) to see the Glide house and the green house.
There was a kind of model house which is the green house.
I saw a bath goods which is made by recycle paper.
And then I saw some batteries which is charging by sunshine.
The green house...
That gave huge impression to me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

When I was young....

This picture is a really old one. I think I took this picture on a summer day in 1999.
The man on the right who has long brown hair is me. Is it cool? HAHA.
I was in a rock band , so my hair is little bit long.
When I see this picture, I always think "get back to past time"
People are really surprised to see this picture.
They always say the same thing : Is it real?
"Is it sure?"
"is it you Seyoung?"
Yeah~ that' s me~
I'm just older now and my skin is little harmed~
But that's me~
How about you? Are you in CHAOS now?

I'm missing you~ harper's ferry

(I'm not in that picture....)
"Pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp" (clock alarming)

" time is it?"

When I saw clock, that time was 8:20 AM.
It is maybe good time to get to school in regular day, but our class had a field trip on that day.
I have to go school 8:40 AM to get the shuttle bus. So I got ready for school really quickly?
I was ready in 5 minutes. and I got my roommate's car.
Unfortunately, when I got to school, the time was 8:45...
Next day I heard that the bus had left at 8:42.
I was really interested in field trip. But I couldn't go there.
I just saw "Harper's ferry" in other classmate's blogs.
They looked so fun and exciting.
Anyway I'll go to Harper's Ferry sometime when I have vacation.

And I'll take exciting picture!!

Oct 4, How things are going for you~

Unfortunately I caught a terrible cold last week. So I was absent 3 days
I think that is really bad thing to make good work.
I felt a cold coming on 2 days ago, maybe I guess that I got sleep at sopa which is in living room, because my Korean friend got sleep in my bed. I think that "sleeping at sopa is cause of my cold. Anyway I got some medicine called Tyrenol.
I took it.....and then got deep/deep/deep sleep.

When I woke up, I read the label on Tylenol bottle.


I'll be care about the label of TYLENOL to avoid deep sleep....

Oct 7, WOW......How many beers did we drink?

Oct 7, I had some party with my roommates. We decided to go Annandale where is the most many Koreans lived. There is many Korean restaurants and bars. I think there is best place to make some party who is Korean and who got a homesick. At 9 PM, we just drived in Annandale. There is 52B exit and our home is 20 exit. So there is really far from our house, but.... who care?My roommates and I always in terrible homesick, so we must break out our stresses and homesicks by our little party. When we got seats at the bar, we ordered some beers and liquars which is from Korea. (names "Cham e sool" it's means "dew". What a beautiful name it is?!).
We had drink for 3-4 hour, I think we just get a dozen of liquars and a lot of beers.
In dead drunkness, we went to Karaoke where is a place can sing a song.
and just we made noisy and shouting not a sing a song........
In the morning, we got terrible headache.
How about homesick?
Unfortunately homesick is just remain..... :-(

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speaking Partner.

I got my speaking partner!! (yeah~). His name is Paul Su. and then we didn't meet each other yet..... Well when first day for meeting speaking partner, my speaking partner wasn't coming and I got just his name and e-mail address. I went to LAB and I send a e-mail to make contect with my speaking partner.

Anyway I'll meet my speaking partner at Coffee Hour(I'll ty) in this week. After meeting speaking partner and I'll explain about my partner.

First look Fair

September 19. Maryland Univ had the "First Look Fair" day. It's day for students let know about club in the Maryland univ. There are many clubs and they had a lot of material about their club. I saw CRC, Food dairy,Cycling club and martial arts. I got strong impression about martial arts because they were doing a kind of Kung-fu with weapon which looks like metal stick.
Food dairy. This is a Food court. I had gone there and I posted about it my blog. Anyway Food Dairy had a lot of grilled hambugers, sandwitches, and beverages. I know about Dairy that is good place for having lunch and their ice cream have good taste.

Anyway "Visit First look fair" was good experience which is know about culture in the Maryland univ for me.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thank you for YOUR FOOD. my aunt~ but....

On Friday, I went to Rockville, because my aunt lives in there.
So I took the shuttle bus to the Metro to College Park metro station and then I took the metro to Rockville. I have photo ID card so there is no matter to use shuttle, but driver didn't check my ID card out.(useless Photo ID!!!)
Anyway, I had enough rest and ate delicious lovely food. When I ready to came back to my apartment, my aunt gave me something like big and huge bags which is tied up .(It was bigger than my backpack)...
When I came back to my apartment in New Carrollton(It was hard work to get home, because the bags which my aunt gave to me was so heavy), I untied the my bag. SURPRISE!!!
There wss so many Food which is Korean tranditonal, for example kimchi, bulgoggi (kind of korean seasoned meat)...etc.

Thank you for your food my aunt....
but it was too heavy to transfer to my home and
I really don't like tranditional food.
And just my roommates loved that.....They said "Thank you"

Friday, September 15, 2006

“Impression of MEI”

I'm a MEI student.
MEI is a nickname of Maryland English Institute. There are many classes for English – writing, grammar, reading, listening and speaking. There are 12 students from Korea, Qatar, Saudi, Taiwan and Brazil. This class is for learning English who can not speak English fluently. Well, I’m in 003 MEI class. There are two great and kind teachers whose name is Nina and Harriet. 1 class has 50 min and after that we have 10 min break. All of us in classes using English only. Because the way which just using English only is the best way to Speak English fluently as soon as possible. So classmates are always trying to speak English only to communicate and discuss about some subject or title. Maybe it’s hard work to us, but we’re enjoying with speaking English only and trying to use high level English. I think and hope that we’ll speak fluently after this semester. (I hope so.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What did you do for lunch today?

I had my lunch at the Dairy with Nina and some of my classmates. The Dairy is not far from the Armorny., so after lunch, it’s easy to get to our next class in the Armorny.

The Dairy has various kinds of sandwiches, wraps, salads and ice cream. I got a salad had turkeys in it. The vegetables in the salads were really fresh and the turkey had a delicious salty taste. I got enough Vitamins from the salads. I have not been getting enough vitamin lately. We took some pictures with a turtle (Terps) and a cow which were at the Dairy.

After lunch, I decided to get some ice cream. I heard that ice cream was really famous in Maryland. It was really delicious. I forgot the name of the flavor ice cream, but I was really satisfied with the taste, which combined rum, vanilla and crispy chocolate chips. Well I got a healthy salad and then ruined my health with this lovely ice cream.

Anyway, I had really good lunch today, and I escaped from Big Mac at McDonalds, so thank you, Nina!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

Well, my name is Se Young Shin and I am from South Korea in Asia. In Korea, the name ‘Se Young’ is more common as a girl’s name, but I am a man!

My family consists of my father, mother and younger sister. My father is a metal salesman. He works for small company, but he is satisfied with his job and is able to support my family. My mother is a housewife, and she is the kindest person and the best advisor to me in the world. My sister is a university student in Korea. Her major is graphic design. She is an honor student at her university. I am always proud of my sister.

My major is chemistry and I am interested in inorganic chemistry. If I have to explain about my talent, maybe my talent will be ‘Japanese’. I lived in Japan about 4 years from 9th grade to the end of high school, so I can speak good conversational Japanese (I’m not sure HA! HA!).

As for my future, I want a job in international trade, because if I develop my ability in English, I will be able to use 3 languages. So after spending a year at MEI, I’ll study business in English or I’ll get a job in an overseas office of Korean business.

Oh, I forgot to explain about ‘Why I have come to the United States’. When I decided to learn English in Korea, I was in agony over how to learn English most effectively. The United States is the largest international trading partner, so many people from other countries come to the U.S for trade purposes. My future plan is to get a job in international trade, so I have come to the U.S to learn the language which is the most useful: English.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome [Hwan young hap ni da] [yo u ko so] to my Blog

Welcome to my blog~~!!

I make the blog for MEI class (003 fall)
I'll put some write/diary, pictures of MEI activities and something else.
Plz, come to BLOG
and have a good day~!
Good luck.