Monday, October 16, 2006

When I was young....

This picture is a really old one. I think I took this picture on a summer day in 1999.
The man on the right who has long brown hair is me. Is it cool? HAHA.
I was in a rock band , so my hair is little bit long.
When I see this picture, I always think "get back to past time"
People are really surprised to see this picture.
They always say the same thing : Is it real?
"Is it sure?"
"is it you Seyoung?"
Yeah~ that' s me~
I'm just older now and my skin is little harmed~
But that's me~
How about you? Are you in CHAOS now?

I'm missing you~ harper's ferry

(I'm not in that picture....)
"Pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp" (clock alarming)

" time is it?"

When I saw clock, that time was 8:20 AM.
It is maybe good time to get to school in regular day, but our class had a field trip on that day.
I have to go school 8:40 AM to get the shuttle bus. So I got ready for school really quickly?
I was ready in 5 minutes. and I got my roommate's car.
Unfortunately, when I got to school, the time was 8:45...
Next day I heard that the bus had left at 8:42.
I was really interested in field trip. But I couldn't go there.
I just saw "Harper's ferry" in other classmate's blogs.
They looked so fun and exciting.
Anyway I'll go to Harper's Ferry sometime when I have vacation.

And I'll take exciting picture!!

Oct 4, How things are going for you~

Unfortunately I caught a terrible cold last week. So I was absent 3 days
I think that is really bad thing to make good work.
I felt a cold coming on 2 days ago, maybe I guess that I got sleep at sopa which is in living room, because my Korean friend got sleep in my bed. I think that "sleeping at sopa is cause of my cold. Anyway I got some medicine called Tyrenol.
I took it.....and then got deep/deep/deep sleep.

When I woke up, I read the label on Tylenol bottle.


I'll be care about the label of TYLENOL to avoid deep sleep....

Oct 7, WOW......How many beers did we drink?

Oct 7, I had some party with my roommates. We decided to go Annandale where is the most many Koreans lived. There is many Korean restaurants and bars. I think there is best place to make some party who is Korean and who got a homesick. At 9 PM, we just drived in Annandale. There is 52B exit and our home is 20 exit. So there is really far from our house, but.... who care?My roommates and I always in terrible homesick, so we must break out our stresses and homesicks by our little party. When we got seats at the bar, we ordered some beers and liquars which is from Korea. (names "Cham e sool" it's means "dew". What a beautiful name it is?!).
We had drink for 3-4 hour, I think we just get a dozen of liquars and a lot of beers.
In dead drunkness, we went to Karaoke where is a place can sing a song.
and just we made noisy and shouting not a sing a song........
In the morning, we got terrible headache.
How about homesick?
Unfortunately homesick is just remain..... :-(