Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let's discuss about the novel.."Five people you meet in heaven"

Ok~ let's talk about novel which name is "Five People You Meet in Heaven". Well...I think that this story is really good to learn English. Because i think the story is interesting and then level of English is not really hard to me, but not so easy. I'm really enjoying the novel. When I met this book first time, I guessed about the title: "Five People....." Five people? Who is five people? And now I can guess more about five people. Ok first one is a "Blueman" who Eddie met in his childhood. I think this story is really similar with the story which is wrote by Charles Dickens name s "A christmas carol". Of course this story is more peaceful than Scrooge story. Anyway I think this story is really interesting on me. This is the second time which have read English novel. The first one was "The Jurassic Park" which is made by movies. I had already know about the story but I saw the movie first before I got to read the book.But it was really hard work to me.
Anyway the five people novel is doing good work for me who was learning English now. And then handout helps me to understand and make guess the story. If there is no paper like homework, I would give up reading this novel. If I have a handout when I read "The Jurassic Park". I could finish reading the novel easily.