Monday, September 11, 2006

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

Well, my name is Se Young Shin and I am from South Korea in Asia. In Korea, the name ‘Se Young’ is more common as a girl’s name, but I am a man!

My family consists of my father, mother and younger sister. My father is a metal salesman. He works for small company, but he is satisfied with his job and is able to support my family. My mother is a housewife, and she is the kindest person and the best advisor to me in the world. My sister is a university student in Korea. Her major is graphic design. She is an honor student at her university. I am always proud of my sister.

My major is chemistry and I am interested in inorganic chemistry. If I have to explain about my talent, maybe my talent will be ‘Japanese’. I lived in Japan about 4 years from 9th grade to the end of high school, so I can speak good conversational Japanese (I’m not sure HA! HA!).

As for my future, I want a job in international trade, because if I develop my ability in English, I will be able to use 3 languages. So after spending a year at MEI, I’ll study business in English or I’ll get a job in an overseas office of Korean business.

Oh, I forgot to explain about ‘Why I have come to the United States’. When I decided to learn English in Korea, I was in agony over how to learn English most effectively. The United States is the largest international trading partner, so many people from other countries come to the U.S for trade purposes. My future plan is to get a job in international trade, so I have come to the U.S to learn the language which is the most useful: English.