Friday, September 15, 2006

“Impression of MEI”

I'm a MEI student.
MEI is a nickname of Maryland English Institute. There are many classes for English – writing, grammar, reading, listening and speaking. There are 12 students from Korea, Qatar, Saudi, Taiwan and Brazil. This class is for learning English who can not speak English fluently. Well, I’m in 003 MEI class. There are two great and kind teachers whose name is Nina and Harriet. 1 class has 50 min and after that we have 10 min break. All of us in classes using English only. Because the way which just using English only is the best way to Speak English fluently as soon as possible. So classmates are always trying to speak English only to communicate and discuss about some subject or title. Maybe it’s hard work to us, but we’re enjoying with speaking English only and trying to use high level English. I think and hope that we’ll speak fluently after this semester. (I hope so.)