Monday, September 18, 2006

Thank you for YOUR FOOD. my aunt~ but....

On Friday, I went to Rockville, because my aunt lives in there.
So I took the shuttle bus to the Metro to College Park metro station and then I took the metro to Rockville. I have photo ID card so there is no matter to use shuttle, but driver didn't check my ID card out.(useless Photo ID!!!)
Anyway, I had enough rest and ate delicious lovely food. When I ready to came back to my apartment, my aunt gave me something like big and huge bags which is tied up .(It was bigger than my backpack)...
When I came back to my apartment in New Carrollton(It was hard work to get home, because the bags which my aunt gave to me was so heavy), I untied the my bag. SURPRISE!!!
There wss so many Food which is Korean tranditonal, for example kimchi, bulgoggi (kind of korean seasoned meat)...etc.

Thank you for your food my aunt....
but it was too heavy to transfer to my home and
I really don't like tranditional food.
And just my roommates loved that.....They said "Thank you"