Monday, October 23, 2006

003 field trip with 004~

Oct 20
we had a field trip with 004 class.
We had to get Colleage Park station in 8:30 AM.
It was really hard to get there to me. When I was wake up, It's 7:30AM. But my roommate, who drive to Colleage for me, was wake up at 8:10AM....
So, I was late, and I'm really sorry to people who waited for me.
Anyway, We went to National Building Museum. There was a really great place.
Many books, many media things, culture and a lot of pictures....
I heard that there have 30 million book which is written by English, Franch, Japanese, Chinese, Musurim, Korean and another language.
And I saw the book which is the first one made by metal printing.
I saw it from history textbook when I was in middle school.
But that is a real one!!!not in a textbook!!!

And then we went to the some museum.(I can't remember the building's name.) to see the Glide house and the green house.
There was a kind of model house which is the green house.
I saw a bath goods which is made by recycle paper.
And then I saw some batteries which is charging by sunshine.
The green house...
That gave huge impression to me.