Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speaking Partner.

I got my speaking partner!! (yeah~). His name is Paul Su. and then we didn't meet each other yet..... Well when first day for meeting speaking partner, my speaking partner wasn't coming and I got just his name and e-mail address. I went to LAB and I send a e-mail to make contect with my speaking partner.

Anyway I'll meet my speaking partner at Coffee Hour(I'll ty) in this week. After meeting speaking partner and I'll explain about my partner.

First look Fair

September 19. Maryland Univ had the "First Look Fair" day. It's day for students let know about club in the Maryland univ. There are many clubs and they had a lot of material about their club. I saw CRC, Food dairy,Cycling club and martial arts. I got strong impression about martial arts because they were doing a kind of Kung-fu with weapon which looks like metal stick.
Food dairy. This is a Food court. I had gone there and I posted about it my blog. Anyway Food Dairy had a lot of grilled hambugers, sandwitches, and beverages. I know about Dairy that is good place for having lunch and their ice cream have good taste.

Anyway "Visit First look fair" was good experience which is know about culture in the Maryland univ for me.